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DIY Roof Inspection

How to carry out your own roof inspection safely.

What you need

  • Binoculars
  • Somewhere safe to stand

How to do it

  • Go outside and stand far enough away from the roof so that you can see all of one side. Especially be careful of standing in the road. If you must do this then have someone else with you.
  • Starting a the top look at the ridge tiles. Have any moved?
  • Now move down a row at a time. Have any tiles been dislodged? Are any broken?
  • Continue looking at the roof row by row.
  • Now look at the chimney.
  • Is the pointing going?
  • Is the lead flashing tight down on the tiles.
  • Is any of the guttereing leaking, either at a joint or near the downpipe.
  • Now go Inside and into the loft
  • Look around the chimney - this is where water will most likely come in. Is there any staining?


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When to do it?
This sort of proper inspection should be done a couple of times a year, or when you are worried about a storm.

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